5 Signs That Point to Assisted Living: How to Know the Time Is Right


Sometimes, a sudden illness, injury or the onset of a chronic condition makes moving to an assisted living community necessary. However, in many cases, older loved ones experience the symptoms of aging slowly and gradually, making it difficult for their families to know when it’s time to start considering the transition to assisted living.

“Usually, families have to make a serious evaluation of a loved one’s situation before they realize it’s time for professional help,” says Kimberly Braswell, Director of Sales and Marketing at Stuart Lodge in Stuart, FL. “Otherwise, a loved one’s struggles at home may not seem out of the ordinary, since changes occur gradually. As hard as it may be, it’s in the best interest of an aging loved one to assess their health, happiness and safety at home – before a serious fall or illness takes away their independence.”

Recognizing It’s Time to Consider Assisted Living 

Every family’s situation is different, and there’s no one way to know when it’s time to make the move to an assisted living community. Based on your family’s resources, needs and your loved one’s condition, you will have your own unique concerns that influence this decision.

Nonetheless, experts in the senior living field offer guidelines to help families know when the time is right to move to a community with round-the-clock care. Here are some important signs to look for that point to the impending necessity of assisted living:

  1. My loved one is unsafe.

Are they at risk of harming themselves by falling, driving or using dangerous household appliances? Are you concerned about your loved one’s vulnerability to a severe household emergency?

  1. My loved one’s health is at risk.

Does their limited mobility make it hard for them to manage their own self-care? Are they eating well? Do they have a health condition that is progressive or requires extensive care (such as injections or monitoring) that they can no longer handle on their own?

  1. My loved one’s needs are beyond my abilities.

Has your loved one’s condition made them increasingly dependent on you for help with daily living activities, such as eating, dressing and bathing? Do they demand more of your time than you are able to give? Would they have a higher quality of life if they were under the care of professionals within an assisted living community?

  1. I am becoming stressed, irritable and impatient with them.

Are you feeling depressed or hopeless or having trouble sleeping? Are you neglecting your work, family or yourself? If you are the primary caregiver for your loved one, you may suffer from increased physical and emotional health risks, including depression, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke, brought on by the stress and exhaustion of caring for you loved one.

  1. My loved one’s lifestyle is very limited at home.

Do the advantages of an assisted living community exceed the lifestyle your loved one has currently? Would they benefit from the social interactions, activities, amenities and dining services offered at a community? Do you think they could experience better health, safety and happiness surrounded by trained caregivers and their peers?

If you’d like to learn more about what an assisted living community can offer your loved one, Argentum (formerly the Assisted Living Federation of America) can give you more ideas.

If any of these signs resonate with you as you evaluate your loved one’s living situation, it might be time to start considering transitioning to an assisted living community. It’s easy to feel guilty about moving your loved one out of their home, but acknowledging that you’re unable to provide the best lifestyle for them doesn’t mean you’ve failed. In fact, seeking ways to give your loved one the best quality of life possible proves that you have their best interests at heart. Additionally, Braswell says, “When loved ones receive the care and attention they need from trained professionals, both they and their families experience far less stress.

“Families are now able to spend more quality time together. Instead of family time spent worrying about meeting the loved one’s needs, they can finally return to a place where they focus on what truly matters – their relationships with one another.”

Superior Support. Premiere Assisted Living.

For seniors who need assistance with everyday activities, yet still crave new experiences, purposeful activity and meaningful friendships, Stuart Lodge offers the ideal balance of support and excitement. “Our Assisted Living community attracts many seniors that want to lead an active lifestyle,” says Braswell, “one that’s full of the pursuits and relationships they’ve always enjoyed.

“Alongside this lifestyle, our residents receive superior quality care with daily living activities, such as self-care and medication management, which allows them the support and security to continue spending their days as they choose. They’re no longer limited by health conditions or isolation. We help them regain the possibilities they once thought were lost.”

If you would like to learn more about Stuart Lodge and the exceptional way of life residents enjoy, please visit our website or contact us for more information.

Come Flourish at Stuart Lodge!

Located on the Treasure Coast, Stuart Lodge offers Assisted Living services within the serene beauty of an Atlantic Coastal Lodge in the picturesque town of Stuart. We provide an environment of socialization and volunteerism, as well as dependable health care services that promote independence, self-direction, social connections and daily purpose.

The Lodge lifestyle is a unique approach to senior living. While aging does come with challenges, our culture of connections creates an environment for residents to find daily purpose and joy. Here, residents don’t lose their independence. Instead, they receive countless avenues through which to connect with others through social activities or volunteer opportunities. We believe that everyone has something to contribute to their community, and we consider it our mission to help residents find what they can give – their skills, talents, company and enthusiasm.

Residents in our Assisted Living community experience personalized, comprehensive healthcare services from dedicated, experienced professionals and staff. Each resident works with us to create their own Personal Care Plan, designed specifically for them to enjoy optimal independence while receiving the quality care they require.

We invite you to learn more about the fulfilling lifestyle and serves available at Stuart Lodge. Contact us today!